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The Human Condition

God calls us to live in a real world as mature people.  And so, growing in God's grace is a gradual process of stepping into the light, of owning up to ourselves and becoming fully human.

A Taste of Silence

An exploration of  the fundamentals of Centering Prayer and how it impacts one's life, providing the practitioner with a historical foundation, balance, insight, a degree of humor. . .

Lectio Divina

This informative and practical guidebook for today's Christian describes the time-tested method of praying with the Scriptures for wisdom and guidance and joy!

Thoughts Matter

An exploration of the work of John Cassian, a fourth century monk, and its implications for the spiritual life, focusing on Christian life as a practice.

Centering Prayer in Daily Life and Ministry

This book, with its ecumenical contributors, celebrates Centering Prayer as a common ground for Christian unity.

Active Meditations for Contemplative Prayer, Paperback

Contains over 100 selections of several of Keating's significant works, including  Open Mind, Open Heart paperbac


A rework of the Book of Psalms in a loving, contemplative manner which betrays none of the book's vigor or essence.

Process of Forgiveness

by Fr. William Meninger   An exploration of the most complex but necessary facet of spiritual life--forgiveness

The Loving Search for God

by Fr. William Meninger  The contemporary contemplative life in terms of the book,  The Cloud of Unknowing

Crisis of Faith/Crisis of Love

Fr. Keating develops the theme of faith and love.