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Locked up and Free - Brochures (40)

Pocket sized booklet used to teach centering prayer to the incarcerated

Welcoming Prayer Brochure

The Welcoming Prayer brochure, also available as a pdf, click here.

25 brochures per package.

Lectio Divina Brochure - Listening to the Word of God in Scripture

The "Lectio Divina - Listening to the Word of God in Scripture" Brochure is offered in packs of 50.

Contemplative Outreach Brochure-Transforming the Heart of the World

Contemplative Outreach Brochure, Transforming the Heart of the World.  Brochure sold in packs of 50.

Method of Centering Prayer brochure

Brochure - Sold in sets of 25.