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Gift of Life Segment: Mystery of God

Este segmento de 16 minutos de la serie titulada El Don de la Vida,  nos presenta al Padre Thomas Keating explorando nuestra capacidad  de conocer a Dios a través de las relaciones --una relación que evoluciona y que cambia a medida que pasamos por varias fases de la travesía espiritual.

Gift of Life Segment: Mystery of God

This 17 minute segment from The Gift of Life series features Fr. Thomas Keating exploring our capacity for knowing God through relationship – a relationship that evolves and changes as we move through various phases of the spiritual journey.


Lean In, Lighten Up and Let Go: Practices for a Deeper Commitment to the Contemplative

This is an interactive online retreat to encourage a life of prayer and practice, both "on the chair" and in daily life. This course will support you in making a deeper commitment to your relationship with God, and strengthen your ability to live the contemplative life through dedication to prayer and practice, all within the normal routines of everyday life.

This e-course has been designed as a review of contemplative prayer practices for those who already engage in this form of prayer as well as those who would like to begin such a practice.

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Online Video
Invitation from God, Online Video

A wonderful introduction to the subject of contemplation and the spiritual journey and its implications for personal and global freedom. It could also serve as the enrichment in a retreat or for prayer groups.

Falling Into the Hands of God

Thomas Keating explores the deepening that comes from the new information from science and evolution into the Mystery  of God. He talks about the games that God plays with us and how this impacts on our daily living.


El Don de la Vida – Muerte y Morir, Vida y Vivir Video en línea con Subtítulos en Español y Guía en pdf 

El Don de la Vida: Muerte y Morir, Vida y Vivir: ofrece una visión de esperanza  y una visión de la realidad que contrarresta las norma culturales que ven la muerte como una tragedia,  o el final de la vida, o la entrada a un juicio severo y al castigo. 


Con Thomas Keating y Betty Sue Flowers

Este video digital requiere el acceso al internet. Este es un video con subtítulos en Español y no  es descargable.

The Gift of Life - Death & Dying, Life & Living Online Video

The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living offers a vision of hope and a view of reality that counter the cultural norms that view death as a tragedy, or the end of living, or an entry into harsh judgment and retribution.  Fr. Keating focuses on the transformative process of death and dying as part of, rather than the end of, life’s journey.

Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ

Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ with Thomas Keating and Betty Sue Flowers. 10 online video segments and pdf guidebook.

God is All in All Online Video

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Internet access is required.

God is All in All                                

“One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” –Ephesians 4:6 (NAB)

2 MP4 Set
Filmed at the 2012 Contemplative Outreach annual conference in Snowmass Colorado, which celebrated the spiritual bond between St. Benedict’s Monastery and Contemplative Outreach.