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Word of the Week for 2018

For many contemplatives, as they deepen into the Presence of silence and stillness, the desire for informational reading often lessens, even for spiritual texts.  A little goes a long way, as the saying goes.  There is a magnetic attraction to the depths, to lingering there in alert receptivity, listening, pondering, just being.  The soul is quickened and sustained by the beautiful and the true.

For the past four years, as part of the Contemplative Outreach yearlong online program, Mary Anne Best has been writing and curating weekly gems of the beautiful and true – contemplative reflections based on each Sunday's Scripture, woven with the teachings of Thomas Keating and other contemplative wisdom voices, along with a beautiful image to engage visual and creative faculties to "see beyond seeing".  

In 2018, these Word of the Week reflections will be available as its own yearlong program:  Every Sunday morning, participants will receive an email, each with an invitation to practice Lectio Divina and listen for how the Spirit is speaking through the Scripture, messages, image and sometimes short video segments.  Each email also links to a worldwide community forum, where participants may share with one another their reflections, questions and struggles to embody the essence of the Gospel – love of God and neighbor in the routines of daily life.  Participants are encouraged in the contemplative practices of Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Welcoming Prayer, active prayer and more.

You can read samples of previous Word of the Week selections here on the sign-up page.

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Mary Anne Best is the finance director for Contemplative Outreach, overseeing the stewardship of financial resources and fundraising to support programs and offerings.  Mary Anne also coordinates the development of new works of Thomas Keating, organizes and staffs Centering Prayer retreats and is a principal writer for online courses and the Contemplative Life Program (CLP).  She is a member and trustee of a contemplative Christian community in Austin, Texas; mother and grandmother of two beloved grandchildren; and enjoys the silence, walking, yoga, nature, and travel with beloveds to faraway places.