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2017 Intentions

2017 INTENTIONS (from the Governing Board)


  • Share the Prayer: Focus on sharing prayer practices of Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Welcoming Prayer and Forgiveness Prayer.


  • Communication Channels:  Recognizing the high priority of communication in the vital functioning of CO, commit to using all available communication channels.
  • International Conference:  Hold an International Conference to bring together the CO community, encouraging open communication, discussion of ideas, and sharing of the CO vision.
  • Listen and Respond:  Ensure that leadership is designed to listen deeply and respond to the emerging needs of the CO community, including providing financial support.


  • Transparency:  Commit to transparency and openness on all levels, respecting all insights and information as vital and available to the entire organism.
  • Trust:  Commit to supporting a culture of radical, invincible trust.
  • Financial Openness:  Ensure financial transparency to the CO organization.


  • Contemplative Community:  Support the transformation from a corporate structure to a contemplative community.
  • Collaboration and Empowerment:  In transitioning to a broad-based contemplative structure, led by the Holy Spirit and serving the needs of all members, respect and engage the principles of collaboration and empowerment.
  • Stability: Stabilize the support system for CO.
  • Volunteer Organism:  Promote the involvement of volunteers (and minimize the hiring of paid staff as much as possible and reasonable). Recognizing that Contemplative Outreach is essentially an organism served by and for volunteers, ensure consultation, support, and appreciation of volunteers.
  • Simplicity:  In supporting the needs of the CO community, avoid complex structures.  Strive for simplicity in communication, programs, and resources.
  • Self-Sustaining Activities:  Encourage chapters and local programs/activities to be self-sustaining.
  • Board Meetings:  Facilitate three face-to-face Governing Board meetings.  Include Transition Team members.


  • Resources:  Support the CO community with resources, activities and programs that are accessible, affordable, and available.
  • Chapter Support:  Ensure that Chapter Programs and Services (CPS) service teams and chapter volunteers receive the resources needed (financial and personal support) to share the practices and support the needs of chapters.
  • International:  Support international growth and development in a real and concrete way, including financial investment, recognizing that growth in Centering Prayer and contemplative practices in new locations is a genuine fruit of the divine economy.
  • Investment:  Seek ways to invest financially in CO growth, partnering, and support.


  • Dialogue and Partnering:  Energetically reach out to other contemplative groups for dialogue and potential partnering.
  • Interspiritual Dialogue:  Similarly, become aware of ways to participate in interspiritual dialogue.  Seek out opportunities to sponsor or partner with interspiritual contemplative groups.

Please feel free to share and let us know your thoughts!  After all, you will be holding us accountable, we hope!

In Christ’s love and Peace,

Your Governing Board

Here is an article from Julie Saad about the January 2017 meetings of the Governing Board and Transition team.