A Poem

The reptile’s top priorities are few
Full tummy, sunny rock, and babies new
Its consciousness is narrow as its tail
Survival pure and simple will prevail
Our human brain includes the serpent style
Our lowest nature’s with us all the while

The legend of the Typhon lingers on
A life where self and other is as one
Dreaming and reality’s the same
Fantasy’s the norm and all’s a game
Everything exists to please the self
The world is just a toy upon a shelf

Membership’s a myth we like to hold
“Our group is best‚” is what we’ve all been told
Anyone who’s different is a threat
Conservatism is the safest bet
Growth and maturation just won’t do
Keeping things the same will see us through

But evolution ceases to be still
We’ve got a big potential to fulfill
Our mind imagines greater things in store
That bring creative tensions to the fore
A better world is just around the bend
A helping hand is what we need to lend

Prophets and the poets peer ahead
Good hearted folks are willing to be led
By pioneers whose vision can perceive
A bountiful and generous way to live
Power and control have had their day
Dignity and kindness now hold sway

To be in tune and timing
With God’s celestial rhyming
Belonging to the symphony
As heavenly bells are chiming

In silence one can hear it
The calling of the Spirit
To union with our loving God
What joy as we’re drawn near it

Blessed are you whose mercies overflow
Whose hallowed lives eternal graces show
Whom God has raised from deep within the tomb
To new awareness from an upper room
That faith and hope are all fulfilled by love
That faith and hope are all fulfilled by love

Robert Hirschmann Brown
Thousand Oaks, California, USA