A Short Poem of Daily Surrender

“Commit your life to the Lord,
Trust in Him and He will act,
So that your justice breaks forth like the light
Your cause like the noon day sun”

– Psalm 37 1-4

Open your mouth O little wild bird, captivating wildflower,

for your most delightful fare

Are you willing to taste the WHOLE?

Willing to bear the stark nakedness,

darkness and silence of dormancy

and rest in the presence of Your sleeping Beloved passively against your deep surface,

be pillow for His Head?

If yes,

Then, lift your chin little bird

Reach forth your petals little flower,

amid your chill and hunger

to remain in silent longing


As one and the same

be nourished and satisfied

as part of the WHOLE delightful fare


Dedicated to Maureen in her last days longing for the Whole…

Bridget Robinson
Beacon, N. Y.