An Awakening Mystic

Q:  My major spiritual awakening happened in August 2012, I’ve seen many signs and messages from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit moved me to become Catholic that year too and I was confirmed March of 2013. I realize that I am a mystic. I’ve begun to study, pray, and read about many mystics in that were Catholic and recently Sufi. Much of my time is currently engage in deep relationship with the Holy Spirit. I seek guidance on what this may mean for the direction of my life now. I am a 56 year old woman with a physical disability. Please share any insights that you may have on how I may know the work the spirit may be calling me to do with this very humbling blessing.

A:  You have made a lot of important decisions in these last two years. At this point, I believe that you need to have a strong foundation in your new religion. As you study the Christian mystics it is important to be nourished by the Eucharist , the sacraments and the riches of your catholic faith. What was your experience in coming into the church – was it a formal class or one on one instruction?  Did you develop any strong relationships in the process? The joy of the mystical journey is to have a home and some spiritual companions. Let’s start from here and see what unfolds.

Besides deepening your relationship with your new religion, you could become more acquainted with Contemplative Outreach and the various support and resources that are available for your journey. Are there any Centering Prayer groups in your area? Go to our website under Community and search for local contacts.  These people can connect you with local programs, prayer groups, retreats and more.  In addition, search the website for resources and programs that might interest your contemplative heart at this time.