Including People of Different Faiths in Centering Prayer Groups

Q:  What is your position on bringing in people of many different faiths to our Centering Prayer groups? When there is an interest in learning Centering Prayer, are we to concern ourselves with the interested parties‚Äô religious background, e.g. whether or not they are Christian?

A:  All are welcome to share with us as we gather together for Centering Prayer. Centering Prayer is rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition which means that tradition is our foundation. I refer you to Contemplative Outreach Vision and Theological principles, in particular #7-13, which you can find here.  Note #11:  ‚ÄúWe affirm our solidarity with the contemplative dimension of other religions and sacred traditions.‚Äù  As they join us, may they also be open to respecting the Christian source of Centering Prayer.