Let Your True Self Shine

Jesus took Peter, James, and his brother John and led them up on a high mountain by themselves.  He was transfigured before their eyes.  His face became as dazzling as the sun, his clothes as radiant as light.  Matt. 17: 1-3

I receive a daily email message from a Contemplative Outreach online group that I am part of. The audience of this group is those who have an established centering prayer practice. This above verse was part of the message that also included a few paragraphs to reflect upon from Thomas Keating’s book, The Mystery of Christ

I immediately began thinking about my Centering Prayer practice. Isn’t this what really happens each time I sit with God during my silent prayer practice?  Let me explain. Silent prayer is simply a daily practice of reconnecting with and letting my true self shine.

During silent prayer I sit and ever so gently let go of all thoughts, emotions, sensations. I do my best to ever so gently let go of all the barriers and obstacles that are between God and I. When I do this, I am sitting naked before God. I am now letting all of God’s presence sit with and shine directly upon me. I am letting God do whatever God wants to do within me. I am letting God work in me. 

Perhaps this means God will fill me with love, healing, wisdom, confidence, insight, mental or physical strength.  Or perhaps God will simply fill me with more “contemplative eyes”. By this I mean, the ability to be more open, the ability to not be so quick to judge things as right versus wrong but to just let things be. To be willing to consider new things. To be willing to hear an opinion different from mine. To simply say “Yes” to life and all it has to offer.  Truthfully, I really do not know. It is not up to me. It is completely up to God. And I am ok with that. That is exciting!

When I get up from my silent sit. I get on with my day. I continue to do my best to ever so gently let go and continue to connect with the presence of God that is all around me. I also do my best to continue to let go and let my true self shine. When I let my true self shine, I am simply reflecting back to God that which God has already shined on and in me. 

Rich Lewis 
Ambler, Pennsylvania