Sometimes I Am Goodness, Truth & Beauty

Sometimes, I am goodness, truth & beauty
and sometimes I act upon another nature,
superimposed on me
a life mask over my innocent self,
the mask is made of projections, assumptions, 
     and judgements of others
an inheritance without the slightest examination, 
     or concern, or any verification, 
that might help me to learn and understand- 
     and open up,
and behind the mask I see myself
as my Father sees me and He woo’s
as I gaze into this soul and reach for depth  
     He whispers, and He calls
and the prism I look through, begins reshaping my reality
and distortions of desire that have taken me far away,
move away, and move me away 
     from what I am not
and I no longer identify with an image of my skin
and my bones,
and I feel saved, I can breathe freely,
I delight in myself, smiling,
feeling my Reality.
Feeling my Fathers‚Äôs love. 

DJ 06/09

Deb Neal Johnston
Greenwood, MO/ Snowmass Village, Co.