Taking a Break From Our Personality

Is humility to look down at others, wear not too lavish clothes, not standing up for yourself?  I think that humility is to take a break from our personality and observe a total and complete action of surrender to God.

Jonathan Edwards, one of colonial America’s most influential writers, wrote in The Narrative,

On January 12, 1723, I made a solemn dedication of myself to God and wrote it down, giving up myself and all that I had to God, to be for the future –  respect my own.  To act as one had no right to himself in any respect.  And (I) and felicity, looking at nothing else as any part of my happiness nor acting as it were and taking His law for the constant rule of my obedience.

I quote a sentence that I relate to from one of his prior experiences:

An ardor of soul that I know not how to express.

You and I, too, by offering ourselves to the giver of life can receive His presents.


To remove the veil
that covers my soul I must,
take steps off from my identity,
open doors in my heart,
and have patience with myself.

Ruby M. Shelton
Logan, Utah