The Silent Call

Step inside and bolt the door.
The inner room is now secure.
Distractions quelled from busy mind,
The Lord of Hosts is here to dine.

This daily banquet with our Lord
Is fullness of Love being outpoured.
Unmeasured, unbroken, there for all,
If only we hear His silent call.

In the silence His presence looms,
The knowing soul pauses and listens.
And hearing from this depth of heart
Gives each day a sure footed start.

For in the ceaseless, clattering, cacophony
Of the frenetic pace of material life,
The listening heart finds stillness therein
Food for  shattered nerves and broken wings.

So take time for silence and solitude within.
Welcome The Lord in His own dwelling.
Be still at his feet and silently ponder,
Becoming – becoming – a heart filled with wonder.

J. Leiba
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago