Starting the Year Anew

Starting a  new year can be an opportunity to recommit oneself to a practice or go deeper into it. We offer the following suggestions:


The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living
compiled and edited by Stephanie IachettaA yearlong daily reader with excerpts from the works of Thomas Keating, sacred Scripture, and other spiritual writings – creating the perfect basis for daily meditation.

From the forward by George W. Hunt, S.J.: “The book’s structure is both simple and elegant. Each day’s text begins with a line of prayer, a ‘prayer sentence’ that acts as both a theme and an invitation. Each closes with an appropriate, longer citation from Scripture that is a biblically based recapitulation of the theme. In between lies a brief reflection to inspire meditation, each an excerpt from the writings of the Cistercian monk, Father Thomas Keating.”
Book $22.95


The Spiritual Journey Formation in the Christian Contemplative Life

Based on Thomas Keating’s classic Spiritual Journey video series, this self-guided, yearlong e-course guides participants through an integrated wisdom map of the awakening and healing that happens to seekers committed to the contemplative path of consent to God’s presence and action within. More information here.

Embracing Living: The Welcoming PrayerLearn, deepen or renew your practice of this practical and profound prayer. The more we experience the Welcoming Prayer, the more we realize that we need to do the Welcoming Prayer. We learn the Welcoming Prayer through repeated practice and through the deepening of our understanding of the power of this simple, embodied prayer. As we continue to consent, we open to God’s healing on ever-deepening levels in the midst of ordinary life. This is a self-guided, on-demand e-course — more information here.

We also invite you to watch the Welcoming Prayer Practice Sessions recorded on our YouTube channel here.

In 2021 the Welcoming Prayer Service Team will continue to discern with the collective Contemplative Outreach community how to meet Welcoming Prayer needs.