Centering Prayer, Jesus Prayer, Welcoming Prayer


Q: Can I practice Centering Prayer as my main prayer (morning and afternoon) and during the day practice the Jesus prayer? Am I using two practices with different meanings and therefore leading my spiritual path in two directions? I also do Welcoming Prayer during the day. Should I choose between the Welcoming Prayer and the Jesus prayer?

A: Your sincere desire to form relationship with God is evident in your question. The combination of praying Centering Prayer, with two forms of surrender prayer during your everyday activities is something Thomas Keating talked about in the Spiritual Journey series. Throughout the series, he introduces Centering Prayer, then the Active Prayer sentence which is formulated from the Jesus Prayer and ends talking about what is now called the Welcoming Prayer.

All three prayers can be used as you wish in building relationship and surrendering your ego-self to growth in Love. They all work together.  Think of all your prayers as different conversations with God throughout the day, some in silence, some in verbal prayer but all coming from your heart. God is so pleased with your devotion.

I hope this answers your question. If anything else comes up, please contact me.

Peace and love,
Leslee Terpay