Centering Prayer, Welcoming Prayer and Anger


Q: Centering Prayer has changed my life.  At times it’s hard, though it does not get old.  So thank you for this method of prayer.  It helps me to stay closer to God.  Do you think that Centering Prayer could help with anger?  If so, how?  (from an incarcerated man who corresponds with the Prison Outreach Service Team)

A: So happy to hear Centering Prayer has taken root in you. It is an amazing journey for sure. Personally, I do believe Centering Prayer helps heal anger at a very deep level, as we are being loved into life. The Welcoming Prayer is another tool that helps address anger directly as it arises in our body. The movements are simple, like a three step dance.

1st— We Feel and Sink into whatever we are feeling in this moment in our bodies.  Do you know where you feel the anger in your body?

2nd—We say “Welcome” in the quiet of our hearts. It’s like ever so gently returning to our sacred word in Centering Prayer. It is how we consent to the Divine Indwelling in the midst of what we are feeling in this moment.

3rd—We let go by saying in our hearts, “I let go of my desire for security, affection, control, and embrace this moment as it is.”

I said it was simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The more we notice all that is happening in us, the more we have the chance to say YES to God’s healing love.

Hope this helps with your question. You’ll remain in my prayers.


Mary Dwyer