Making Centering Prayer Available to Everyone


The practice of Centering Prayer deepens our awareness of the Oneness of all creation and our compassion for the whole human family.
Theological Principle #12

At a recent coordinating team meeting here in Connecticut (USA), one of our members was deeply moved by the fact that the people who arrive at our offerings on contemplative practice, rarely, if ever, include those living on the fringes of society, the needy, the marginalized.

I was also moved and realized that several of the members of the Centering Prayer group in my parish are people who rub elbows with the needy and the marginalized every day! Yet, they themselves, like me, are relatively secure members of society.

Reflecting on this during one of our Centering Prayer meetings, one of our members suggested that it would be easy to share the Centering Prayer brochure, when appropriate, to some of the folks they serve while in the process of helping them find the resources that they needed.

I was glad to hear that they do not proselytize but they are a recognizable Christian ministry.

This led me to a discussion with other members of our Contemplative Outreach community. 

A simple informal conversation about prayer and using the Centering Prayer brochure has always been one starting point for some.

Why had I never done this?  

Also, many are learning and beginning a practice using online resources, especially since Covid. I learned that there is a relatively new YouTube playlist from Contemplative Outreach featuring very short videos and culminating in an abbreviated Introductory Workshop.

This opened a new perspective for me. We need to be always finding ways to address the ever changing needs and social conditions that we find ourselves in. If God is infinite possibility then there will always be new avenues opening out before us to make the practice available to all who are searching for it.

In our chapter, we have used a program called “A Taste of Centering Prayer” which is an abbreviated hour-long presentation with an opportunity to experience the practice. This was normally offered as one of the options for prayer to folks on a weekend retreat. I would love to learn about other informal ways to introduce the practice.

Frank Pendola
Contemplative Outreach of Connecticut

** If you have been sharing Centering Prayer in new ways, or to new groups of people, please share your story to inform and inspire others in our global community. Please email your story here.