Choosing a Sacred Word


Q: For my sacred word is it okay to use the four words QUE QUE SERA QUORA? This has helped me get through many confusing stresses and uncertainty. I need help; sometime I lose my faith and get overwhelmed.

A: You can use whatever sacred word you choose; the shorter the better. It is a symbol of your renewed consent to the presence and action of the Divine Indwelling, and is offered just as that; confident that the Divine accompanies you in absolutely everything. I’m fond of James Finley’s words: “If we are absolutely grounded in the absolute love of God that protects us from nothing even as it sustains us in all things, then we can face all things with courage and tenderness and touch the hurting places in others and in ourselves with love.”

It can be hard for so many of us, myself included, to trust that we are loved exactly as we are, in the midst of whatever we are experiencing.

You are showing great courage and faith by returning to your Centering Prayer. It’s not about having some perfect experience, and it may seem rocky. But as we let go of anything that diverts our attention from God we are strengthening our faith. There may be times of quiet after you let go and offer your sacred word that are so short you may not even notice them, but God is at work loving you and sustaining you, and growing you in faith. So be patient with yourself, and kind.

Keep at it, and let us know if we can talk with you about anything else.

In Christ’s love,
Joy Andrews Hayter