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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

Jacalyn's Psalm

Voices of Community

You gave me unique awareness
at a very young age
Before I could walk
I knew I was different.
        ~Your Light upon my head

I did not stay on the path
You had so generously laid before me
Instead I became puffed up with pride
And lived according to my own making
        ~I had turned my back to You

Still, in Your abundant mercy
Your hand remained upon me.
There were times of recognition and hope
More, times of despair and loneliness.
        I had turned my back to You

Shame upon shame came upon me
Yet I could praise Your Name
for the many blessings
You reign upon the good and the evil.
        My eyes began to see your Light

I could see Your glory
from the snow covered mountain tops
I could feel Your presence
in the wooded areas.
        My burden began to lighten

I could see Your playfulness
in and around the Gulf
Amongst the birds in the air
and the dolphins playing in the waves
        My burden began to lighten

I could see You in the face
of your daughter, Anne Croft
And in the heart
of Your priest
        My hope began to soar

You placed me in Your Body
amongst believers
that nurtured
and taught me to serve
        My hope began to soar

Still I held back
partially blinded
by the darker places
        I searched and never gave up
Praise to You
Holy and gracious God
Never did You forsake me
Never did you leave me to my own devices
        I searched and never gave up

Praise You for Your everlasting Love
for the beauty of nature
You created
for eternal life without boundaries among all people
        My hope restored

Praise You for Your salvation
delivered through the gift and pain
of Your Son Jesus
And for Your peace that passes all understanding
        My hope restored

May we always walk
with You beside us
Guiding us and comforting us
when we fall
        On my knees with thanksgiving

May we walk
in holy awareness
Extending Your loving-kindness
to all we come across
        On my knees with thanksgiving

And may we never forget
to see You in every face
and to see Your hand
upon every living thing.
        On my knees with thanksgiving

Praise be to God
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
May we walk according
to Your perfect ways.
        On my knees with thanksgiving.

Jacalyn Smith
Weatherford, TX

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