Morning Prayer at South Padre Island

Voices of Community

South Padre IslandBreathe in --
the tide rolls out 
to the Mother Sea of Source 
in air-sucking return 
to the oceanic womb of life,
pulling consciousness 
like a uterine contraction
at three centimeters dilation

Breathe out --
the tide rolls in,
chasing the shore with a 
milky cappuccino espuma,
frothy foaming wash of
unconscious remains:
the detritus of thought --
broken pieces of desire 
and aversion;
half-baked plans and memory shards

Keep breathing --
aware and watching this tide 
roll out 
see the deposits of shell,
seaweed and trash,
never stooping to retrieve a thing 
until the surf
washes clean
upon a pristine 
immaculate beach
with nothing to retrieve


Michele Maxwell
San Antonio, TX

Contemplative Spirituality