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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

Yahuwah’s Love

Voices of Community

Yahuwah, as a child in your Garden offering You your flowers,
You smile tenderly and hold me in your arms for hours.|
Yahuwah, I live in your Heart, offering You your Love… for You are Love.
I surrender to You: the Heart of our hearts; the Living Flame of our love….

Yahuwah, as I stroll along your Seashore amidst radiant sky and bay,
I gather sandstones and seashells as an offering to display.
Yahuwah, then I stumble upon the Pearl of Great Price: You within all life.
I lay myself upon my seashore offering to offer You my self.

Yahuwah, I’m a child in your Castle, inviting You to your banquet.
You nod graciously, then guide me through your kingdom.
Yahuwah, I welcome You into my soul; yet, You have always been here within.
I surrender to You: the Heart of our hearts; the Living Flame of our Love….

Mark Lybarger-Monson
Thousand Oaks, CA

Yahuwah (YHWH) is a name for God that He gave Himself in the Old Testament, where it is used over 6500 times.
Yahuwah is often spelled and pronounced “Yahweh.”
Yahuwah is often translated into English as “Lord.”
Yahuwah is more accurately translated as "I Am He who Forever Is,” or “I Am He who is Self-Existent.”

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