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Written to clarify a variety of misperceptions and criticisms regarding Centering Prayer.  It is also written to explore the intimacy of the divine relationship we all have with God.

God Is Love – The Heart of All Creation - Guidebook

God is Love: The Heart of All Creation Series continues and builds on the works of Thomas Keating over the past 30+ years, beginning with the Spiritual Journey series. It offers a vision of hope and a view of reality that at once integrates the sciences, religion and humankind’s place in the cosmos as divine in origin, unifying in purpose, unfolding in its grandeur.

Going Inside – Learning to Teach Contemplative Prayer to the Imprisoned

In Going Inside (the companion volume to his Finding God Within) Ray Leonardini offers a practical manual for all those who are engaged, or are thinking of becoming engaged, with contemplative (or centering) prayer in prison.

Finding God Within - Contemplative Prayer for Prisoners

Filled with testimonies of prisoners who have been helped by centering prayer this book is an essential introduction to contemplative prayer for people of all faiths engaged in prison ministry. 

Consenting to God as God Is

Collects the intimate talks and daily presentations of Fr. Keating with members of Extension Contemplativa Internacional – The Spanish and Portuguese branch of Contemplative Outreach –   on various aspects of the spiritual journey.  The book is addressed primarily to those with some personal experience of the spiritual journey and especially to those engaged in some form of contemplative service.