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Invitation from God, DVD and Booklet

A wonderful introduction to the subject of contemplation and the spiritual journey and its implications for personal and global freedom. It could also serve as the enrichment in a retreat or for prayer groups.

Centering Prayer, Prayer of Consent, a CLP Praxis

Centering Prayer: The Prayer of Consent is for practitioners of Centering Prayer and celebrates transformation in Christ through this simple four-step method of consenting to God's presence and action within.

Community - Oneness in Contemplation, a CLP Praxis

This booklet, part of the Contemplative Life Program (CLP) series, is based on 28 years experience of an evolving global community and the third theological principle of Centering Prayer; that the practice is ecclesial in its effects, building communities of faith. . .

Paschal Mystery Package, a CLP Praxis, CD & DVD

Contains a Contemplative Life Program Praxis, one DVD and one CD. The Paschal Mystery, A Journey into Redemption and Grace with Fr. Thomas Keating.

Faith: An Advent Companion, a CLP Praxis

Faith:  An Advent Companion:  a 105 page booklet based completely on the teachings and writings of Father Thomas Keating, it is intended to serve as a daily companion for moving ever deeper . . .

Hospitality, a CLP Praxis

Hospitality:  a 93 page booklet exploring the contemplative disposition of hospitality as a fruit of daily practice in relationship with the living God.  *** One Sale ***

Discipline of Prayer, a CLP Praxis

Discipline of Prayer:  a 99 page booklet intended to serve as a daily companion for the deepening of our relationship with God through dimensions of the rich tradition of prayer:  attitudes to prayer . . .  *** On Sale ***

Simplicity, a CLP Praxis

Simplicity:  a 93 page booklet exploring the contemplative disposition of simplicity in everyday life.  *** On Sale **

Silence & Solitude, a CLP Praxis

A 97 page booklet on the practice and disposition of silence and solitude.  Sections of the booklet include prayer in secret; dimensions of silence; places of solitude . . .  *** On Sale ***

Contemplative Service, a CLP Praxis

Contemplative Service, part of The Contemplative Life Program (CLP), is a 97-page booklet organized into 40 daily readings and practices.