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Paschal Mystery Package, a CLP Praxis, CD & DVD

Contains a Contemplative Life Program Praxis, one DVD and one CD. The Paschal Mystery, A Journey into Redemption and Grace with Fr. Thomas Keating.

Faith: An Advent Companion, a CLP Praxis

Faith:  An Advent Companion:  a 105 page booklet based completely on the teachings and writings of Father Thomas Keating, it is intended to serve as a daily companion for moving ever deeper . . .

Hospitality, a CLP Praxis

Hospitality:  a 93 page booklet exploring the contemplative disposition of hospitality as a fruit of daily practice in relationship with the living God.  *** One Sale ***

Discipline of Prayer, a CLP Praxis

Discipline of Prayer:  a 99 page booklet intended to serve as a daily companion for the deepening of our relationship with God through dimensions of the rich tradition of prayer:  attitudes to prayer . . .  *** On Sale ***

Simplicity, a CLP Praxis

Simplicity:  a 93 page booklet exploring the contemplative disposition of simplicity in everyday life.  *** On Sale **

Silence & Solitude, a CLP Praxis

A 97 page booklet on the practice and disposition of silence and solitude.  Sections of the booklet include prayer in secret; dimensions of silence; places of solitude . . .  *** On Sale ***

Contemplative Service, a CLP Praxis

Contemplative Service, part of The Contemplative Life Program (CLP), is a 97-page booklet organized into 40 daily readings and practices.  

Spirituality of Money, a CLP Praxis

Spirituality of Money: a 95 page booklet organized into a 40-day spiritual practice of a conscious examination of money and the roles it plays in your life through questions, reflections and exercises.

Contemplative Life Program, Year 2:  "Dispositions"

The Contemplative Life Program Year Two offers a series of seven, 40-day contemplative teachings and practices.

Attention / Intention, a CLP Praxis

Attention/Intention: an 89 page booklet organized in 40-days of readings and practices.  Each day includes a beautiful image, a short reading and a suggested mini-practice for the day. *** On Sale ***