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Active Prayer, a CLP Praxis

Active Prayer:  a 49 page booklet guiding the participant through the use of the active prayer sentence as one way to 'pray without ceasing.'

Forgiveness Booklet and CD, CLP Praxis

Growth in Love praxis booklet and CD audio recording of the Forgiveness Prayer practice.

Discernment, a CLP Praxis

Discernment:  a 65 page booklet using two main practices:  Lectio Divina and a contemplative discernment process.

Lectio Divina, CLP Praxis

Lectio Divina:  a 76 page booklet containing organized in a 20 day cycle to be repeated twice for a 40 day practice.

Advent and Paschal Mystery Liturgical Package, two CLP Praxis

Two  praxis booklets from The Contemplative Life Program (CLP):  Faith: An Advent Companion and The Paschal Mystery:  A Journey into Redemption and Grace.

Meditations on the Parables of Jesus

Revising much of the content originally published in The Kingdom of God Is Like, and adding selected material from Awakenings and Reawakenings, Thomas Keating continues to stir the Christian imagination with insightful commentary on the parables of the Bible

The God Who is Here

While some suggest the problems we face today can be solved by updating Christianity or ridding ourselves of religion altogether, The God Who Is Here demonstrates how the rediscovery of the contemplative way can lead to a deeper relationship with God and a vibrant way of worship.

And the Word Was Made Flesh

This collection of homilies for feast days and special occasions is rooted in the experience of the grace celebrated in the liturgy.

Heartfulness: Transformation In Christ companion book

Companion book and edited transcript of the "Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ" videos

Sacred Breath, Forty Days of Centering Prayer

Grounded in scripture and Christian tradition, Sacred Breath walks you through the practice of Centering Prayer and helps you breathe in deeply the presence of God.