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A compelling guide to the spiritual life, its blessings and unexpected joys from a best-selling leading spiritual teacher.

The Better Part

Various facets of Centering Prayer are described, including Lectio Divina, the "sacred gaze" and the "sacred breath," the "guard of the heart" and the "active prayer sentence."

A Deeper Love

This brief but illuminating introduction to Centering Prayer is based on the teachings and writings of Thomas Keating.

Heart of the World

An introduction to contemplative Christianity.  Fr. Keating's description of his approach to the practice of prayer.

The Human Condition

God calls us to live in a real world as mature people.  And so, growing in God's grace is a gradual process of stepping into the light, of owning up to ourselves and becoming fully human.

A Taste of Silence

An exploration of  the fundamentals of Centering Prayer and how it impacts one's life, providing the practitioner with a historical foundation, balance, insight, a degree of humor. . .

Lectio Divina

This informative and practical guidebook for today's Christian describes the time-tested method of praying with the Scriptures for wisdom and guidance and joy!

Thoughts Matter

An exploration of the work of John Cassian, a fourth century monk, and its implications for the spiritual life, focusing on Christian life as a practice.

Centering Prayer in Daily Life and Ministry

This book, with its ecumenical contributors, celebrates Centering Prayer as a common ground for Christian unity.

Active Meditations for Contemplative Prayer, Paperback

Contains over 100 selections of several of Keating's significant works, including  Open Mind, Open Heart paperbac