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The Spiritual Journey Series: Part V - Divine Love: The Heart of the Christian S

5 CD Set includes: The Most Excellent Path, The Divine Banquet and Dance, Prayer in Secret: Matthew 6:6, What is Divine Therapy?, Contemplative Outreach: A Response . . .

The Spiritual Journey Series: Part IV - Contemplation: The Divine Therapy, CD

6 CD Set includes:, Night of the Sense: The Biblical Desert, Night of Sense: Toward Transformation, The Beatitudes: Healing the Emotional Programs, The Spiritual Senses . . .

The Spiritual Journey Series: Part III -  Paradigms of the Spiritual Journey, CD

6 CD Set includes: The Four Consents, The Human Condition: The Philisophical Model, Anthony as a Paradigm of the Spiritual Journey, Liberation from the False Self System . . .

The Spiritual Journey Series: Part II -  Model of the Human Condition, CD

6 CD Set includes: The Human Condition: The Evolutionary Model, Formation of the Homemade Self: The Existential Model, The Pre-Rational Energy Centers, Frustrations . . .

The Spiritual Journey Series: Part I - Developing Centering Prayer and the Spiri

Developing Centering Prayer and the Spiritual Journey, 6 CD Set

The Spiritual Journey Series: Prologue: - The Method of Centering Prayer and the

2 CD Set includes: The Method of Centering Prayer, The Psychology of Centering Prayer. This is part of "The Spiritual Journey" video series.

Living the Paschal Mystery: Hope and Redemption CD

Two talks by Fr. Thomas Keating on the Paschal Mystery.

Contemplative Dimension of the 12 Steps, CD

7 CD Set containing: Centering Prayer as an 11th Step Practice, Human Condition and the First Two Steps, A Daily Practice of Transformation, Questions & Answers

Paschal Mystery Package, a CLP Praxis, CD & DVD

Contains a Contemplative Life Program Praxis, one DVD and one CD. The Paschal Mystery, A Journey into Redemption and Grace with Fr. Thomas Keating.

Forgiveness Booklet and CD, CLP Praxis

Growth in Love praxis booklet and CD audio recording of the Forgiveness Prayer practice.