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Centering Prayer: A Way of Life DVD

Fr. Carl J. Arico reviews the four guidelines of Centering Prayer as a meditation on how these guidelines teach us to live and be as contemplatives in the world.  The videos are filmed at the retreat house at St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado.


formerly called Centering Prayer Program


Contemplative Journey Revisited

Fr. Thomas Keating discusses The House of God and The Womb of God, (44 min.)  The second segment, Reflections on Lectio Divina (16 min.), is presented by Fr. Micah Schoenberger. 

Contemplative Vision ~ Awakening to Beauty, Truth & Goodness, DVD

Presentations by Fr. Thomas Keating and Richard Rohr from the 2007 Contemplative Outreach Annual Conference, Houston, Texas.


Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ with Thomas Keating and Betty Sue Flowers. 3-DVD Set and guidebook and reflections cards.

Unity in Contemplation, Talks on the Spiritual Journey DVD (United in Prayer 201

A two DVD-set of Fr. Thomas' recent talks in Austin, February 20-21, 2009.

Living the Paschal Mystery: Hope and Redemption DVD

A 2.5 hour DVD of two talks gvien by Fr. Thomas Keating on March 31, 2007 on the Paschal Mystery

Contemplative Dimension of the 12-Steps, DVD

4 DVD Set containing: Centering Prayer as an 11th Step Practice, Human Condition and the First Two Steps, A Daily Practice of Transformation, Questions & Answers

The Spiritual Journey Series: Part V - Divine Love: The Heart of the Christian S

5 DVD Set includes: The Most Excellent Path, The Divine Banquet and Dance, Prayer in Secret: Matthew 6:6, What is Divine Therapy?, Contemplative Outreach: A Response . . .

The Spiritual Journey Series: Part IV - Contemplation: The Divine Therapy, DVD

6 DVD Set includes:, Night of the Sense: The Biblical Desert, Night of Sense: Toward Transformation, The Beatitudes: Healing the Emotional Programs, The Spiritual Senses . . .