Lectio Divina

Why must one be a commissioned presenter of the Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop before becoming a commissioned presenter of the Lectio Divina Introductory Workshop?

There are important reasons why a commissioned presenter of the Introduction to Lectio Divina Workshop is required to be a commissioned presenter of Centering Prayer. The following are the principal reasons for this requirement:

How do I schedule a Lectio Divina workshop or retreat for my church or organization?

If you are not affiliated with a local Contemplative Outreach chapter, first seek permission from your church pastor or minister to host a Lectio Divina (Praying Holy Scriptures) Introductory Program (this program consists of the introductory workshop to Lectio Divina and six follow-up sessions). Then, contact the nearest chapter coordinator in your area and collaborate with the coordinator to present the introductory program. If there is not a chapter in your area, contact the regional representative listed for your region to assist in planning the program.

How does the practice of Lectio Divina in a Centering Prayer group differ from the private practice of Lectio Divina?

Lectio Divina is primarily a private prayer. It is a way of praying the Scriptures. When prayed privately, the movements of the prayer are free-flowing, responding to the movements of the Spirit within. However, Lectio Divina can be adapted to a group setting. The primary difference is that the facilitator moves the group through the different moments as a group.  A prayer group leader can lead a Lectio Divina session, provided they have a basic understanding of the format of the Lectio Divina method. Another difference could be faith sharing.

How can Lectio Divina be used in our Centering Prayer Support Group meetings?

If a Centering Prayer Support Group is open to praying Holy Scripture; here is a suggestion on integrating the prayer methods into their time together. After your vestibule prayer, begin your time together with Centering Prayer.  After the prayer period, give a few minutes to slowly become aware of the movement into the praying Scripture. Begin with an invitation to pray including announcing the Scripture Passage which will be prayed.

How does one practice Lectio Divina individually?

If you are a beginner to this prayer form it is suggested that you follow the scholastic form of Lectio Divina. This form involves reading the scripture passage four times while listening for a particular prompting.

Lectio – as you read the word of God be aware of any word or phrase that catches your attention. Pause for reflection.

Meditatio – as you read the Word of God be aware of any reflection or thought that comes to you. Pause for reflection.

How do I learn the method of Lectio Divina?

Lectio Divina can be learned in several ways.  One way is by attending a local Lectio Divina one-day introductory workshop or a weekend or long-term Lectio Divina retreat. In addition, many regular Centering Prayer retreats include some form of community Lectio Divina.

There are also Lectio Divina immersion retreats.  You can search our online calendar to see if there is a workshop or retreat near you.