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Centering Prayer Post-Intensive Retreat

Tue, 07 Aug 2018

* Full: waiting list available

With the Post Intensive Retreat, you are assumed to have this foundation fairly well in place and the focus is on the practice itself.   The Post is much more silent, in that no videos are shown, the sits are done in 30 minute segments rather than 20 minutes, and all meals are in silence.  There are 5½ days of the Post which are called the Grand Silence, when you are asked not to even make eye contact.    Typically most retreatants on the Post Intensives have been doing the practice fairly long, so the silence can be very deep.  But some regular Intensives have also been quite silent, as well.   We recommend that folks attend a regular Intensive before doing a Post, but obviously you are the best judge of what's appropriate for you. Most "Posts" are ten days, though in November we offer 2 separate 8 day Post Retreats.

*You are encouraged to sign-up on the waiting lists for St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, since we always have a few cancellations and folks regularly get into retreats off these lists.

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