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Centering Prayer Retreat

Fri, 15 Feb 2019

The Ultimate Reality is Love 

February 15-17, 2019 
Friday 6:00 pm (dinner) to Sunday 1:00 pm

$300 Overnight / $260 Commuter
Registration closes Feb 8, 2019


Only as we continue our practice of consent to the presence and transforming action of God do we begin to discover what this transformation is. It comes to each of us uniquely in the very situations of our lives, but always involves our moving into the unknown. The teachings of Thomas Keating can be a lantern lighting our way. On this retreat, we will draw on this light through selected talks from his recent DVDs, “God is Love” and “That We May Be ONE.”

Join us for a weekend, with God, a praying community, and the natural beauty of the Mercy Center grounds, to deepen our consent to this transformation.


Our retreat will include silence, several periods of Centering Prayer, selected Thomas Keating videos, reflection, rest, and opportunity for liturgy, gentle yoga and body work.


Catherine Regan, Ph.D. is a spiritual director, clinical psychologist, and Centering Prayer coordinator at Mercy Center.  She has a special interest in contemplative practices and the benefits of these practices in our individual and collective lives at this time in our world.

Joy Andrews Hayter, Ph.D. is a spiritual director dedicated to fostering Centering Prayer and other contemplative practices that help us become aware of God's ever-present love. As a scientist, she sees in the physical world an expression of that love

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