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Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop

Sat, 12 May 2018

Four conferences and two periods of Centering Prayer experiences are provided as follows:

  • Prayer as Relationship: This section focuses on the fact that any form of prayer expresses our desire to be in relationship with God and how Centering Prayer deepens that relationship.
  • The Method of Centering Prayer: In this section the participants are taught the four guidelines of Centering Prayer. The first period of Centering Prayer occurs after this section.
  • Thoughts and Use of the Sacred Word: This section focuses on the fact that thoughts will inevitably occur during Centering Prayer and how one can effectively handle them. A second period of Centering Prayer follows this section.
  • Deepening Our Relationship with God: In this section the focus is on how the method of Centering Prayer deepens our relationship with God and how this ever deepening relationship is manifested in our daily life.

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