Introductory Lectio Divina Workshop

Sat, 11 Jan 2020

All are invited to a workshop on Lectio Divina on Saturday January 11th 2020. Location is St Gall’s Catholic Community, 9 AM - 1 PM. 

Lectio Divina is an ancient contemplative way of praying the Scriptures.  Finding time each day to ponder the Scriptures, to listen attentively with the ear of the heart and to allow the Word of God to speak to us, leads us to discover the deeper meaning of Scripture and opens us to a deeper intimacy with God.  Reflection on the Word imprints the Word on one’s heart and slowly changes the way one perceives reality and how we respond to daily life.  It puts us in touch with the very ground of our being, where we are one with God’s Spirit within us.  The transforming power of Lectio Divina frees us from our falsity and slowly draws us into our truth in the light of God’s Word.  Over time we are shaped into the word of God we were created to be.

Please reserve a place by registering with Therese (775) 901-3839 so that a handout will be available for you.  Coffee and tea will be provided, however please bring something to share.  The workshop is provided free of charge.


1 days
Pacific West Coast US
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Therese Coen
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775 9013839