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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

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Title File Updated Category
El Método de la Oración Centrante, Centering Prayer Brochure, Spanish translation PDF icon cp-spanish.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Folleto de Lectio Divina Microsoft Office document icon folleto_de_lectio_divina.doc 01/05/2018 Lectio Divina
Guide to Contemplative Outreach Resource Materials PDF icon Guide to Contemplative Outreach Resource Materials 02/09/2017
Guidelines for Forming Centering Prayer Group PDF icon forming_a_cp_group.pdf 12/14/2011 Prayer Groups
Guidelines for Hosting a Centering Prayer Introductory Program PDF icon Guidelines 01/10/2017
Il Metodo della Centering Prayer, Centering Prayer Brochure, Italian translation PDF icon cp-italian.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
La methode de la priere de consentement, Centering Prayer Brochure, French translation PDF icon cp-french.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Lectio Divina Brochure PDF icon lectiodivinalistening.pdf 12/20/2011 Lectio Divina, Retreats, Workshops
Lectio Divina Brochure-Iceland PDF icon lectiodivinaiceland.pdf 12/20/2011 Lectio Divina
Living Flame Brochure A4 size PDF icon Living Flame Brochure A4 size 09/30/2016 The Living Flame
Living Flame Tri-fold Brochure PDF icon living_flame_brochure.pdf 02/02/2018 The Living Flame
Metoda MODLITBY USEBRÁNÍ, Method of Centering Prayer in Czech PDF icon cp-czech.pdf 05/04/2016 Centering Prayer
Ouvindo a Palavra de Deus nas Escrituras - Lectio Divina Brochure Portuguese PDF icon Lectio Divna Brochure in Portuguese 12/01/2015 Lectio Divina
Overview of Contemplative Outreach Programs PDF icon overview-co-prog-mar2013.pdf 11/14/2013 Centering Prayer, Prayer Groups, The Contemplative Life Program, Lectio Divina, Heartfulness, Welcoming Prayer, The Living Flame, Contemplative Spirituality, Spiritual Journey, The Practice of Contemplative Living, Retreats, Workshops, Training, Twelve Step
Prayer Group Definition of Terms PDF icon pryr_grp_def_of_terms_2011.pdf 12/14/2011 Prayer Groups
Q&A with Fr. Carl J. Arico On or Related to Centering Prayer PDF icon qa-frcarl-cp.pdf 04/10/2012 Centering Prayer, Contemplative Spirituality
Q&A with Fr. Carl J. Arico On or Related to Lectio Divina PDF icon qa-frcarl-ld.pdf 04/10/2012 Lectio Divina, Contemplative Spirituality
Q&A with Fr. Carl J. Arico On or Related to the Spiritual Journey PDF icon qa-frcarl-sp.pdf 04/10/2012 Contemplative Spirituality, Spiritual Journey
Reaching Out to the World Video PDF icon reaching-out-to-the-world.pdf 10/16/2013
Reading the Bible Lectio Divina brochure PDF icon lectio-divina-brochure_reading_the_bible.pdf 07/12/2017 Lectio Divina
Support for Centering Prayer Practice PDF icon support-centering-prayer.pdf 09/11/2012 Centering Prayer
The Christian Contemplative Tradition Paper by Fr. Thomas Keating PDF icon christian-contemplative-tradition-paper.pdf 07/03/2017 Contemplative Spirituality, The Practice of Contemplative Living
The Living Flame Brochure - B&W Word version File livingflame.docx 02/02/2018 The Living Flame
The Practice of Welcoming Prayer by Cherry Haisten PDF icon practiceofthewelcomingprayer.pdf 01/02/2012 Welcoming Prayer
The Responsibilities of an International Chapter of Contemplative Outreach PDF icon intl_chptrs_pryr_grp_resp.pdf 12/14/2011 Prayer Groups