How can Lectio Divina be used in our Centering Prayer Support Group meetings?

If a Centering Prayer Support Group is open to praying Holy Scripture; here is a suggestion on integrating the prayer methods into their time together. After your vestibule prayer, begin your time together with Centering Prayer.  After the prayer period, give a few minutes to slowly become aware of the movement into the praying Scripture. Begin with an invitation to pray including announcing the Scripture Passage which will be prayed. If your group is new to praying the Lectio Divina prayer method, use the scholastic method of the prayer by allowing time after each moment to share quietly the word or phrase that touched each person, their reflection and their prayer. A final faith sharing on how the scripture informed their life is a powerful way to end the prayer period. Over time, as the group becomes comfortable with the prayer method, the facilitator may choose to lead the four moments having a faith sharing only at the end of the prayer. The Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina prayer practices complement each other. We recommend Centering Prayer first when praying the prayers together, as its receptivity opens one to hear the Word and allow its deeper meaning to impact (touch) our lives. We also find that the Rest of Lectio Divina is a different method than that of Centering Prayer, so to keep the methods separate we don't recommend praying Lectio Divina and going into Centering Prayer as the last moment of rest.