How does Centering Prayer relate to the Catholic Catechism teachings on prayer?

Centering Prayer And The Catechism of the Catholic Church
 was compiled by Fr. Carl J. Arico for Contemplative Outreach Ltd., Butler NJ

The following is part of the article by Fr. Carl J. Arico.

I have found Part IV "Christian Prayer of the Catholic Catechism" to be a powerful support to the
concepts and background of the practice of Centering Prayer. One of the more beautiful examples is
the following:

#2711 Entering into contemplative prayer is like entering into the Eucharistic liturgy: we
"gather up" the heart, recollect our whole being under the prompting of the Holy Spirit,
abide in the dwelling place of the Lord which we are, awaken our faith in order to enter into
the presence of him who awaits us. We let our masks fall and turn our hearts back to the
Lord who loves us, so as to hand ourselves over to him as an offering to be purified and

In this paper, I have taken the main concepts of the Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop
and identified sections of the Catholic Catechism which support and give new insights to the depth
of the prayer. The Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop has four main conferences:

1. Prayer as Relationship
2. The Method of Centering Prayer
3. Thoughts and Use of the Sacred Word
4. Deepening our Relationship with God

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