How does one practice Lectio Divina individually?

If you are a beginner to this prayer form it is suggested that you follow the scholastic form of Lectio Divina. This form involves reading the scripture passage four times while listening for a particular prompting.

Lectio – as you read the word of God be aware of any word or phrase that catches your attention. Pause for reflection.

Meditatio – as you read the Word of God be aware of any reflection or thought that comes to you. Pause for reflection.

Oratio – as you read the Word of God this time be aware of any prayer that rises up within you that expresses what you are experiencing in this Word of God. Pray this prayer.

Contemplatio – as you read the Word of God this time just allow yourself to sit with the Word and allow it to deepen within your heart.  

At the end you might just thank God for the gift you have received.

You might want to alternate reading the Word out loud.

As you gain experience, feel free to follow the monastic form of Lectio Divina by allowing yourself to freely move in any order from one moment to another as the Spirit guides you.