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Frequently Asked Questions

The Contemplative Life Program (CLP) explores how to be a practicing contemplative, abiding in the presence of God in the midst of ordinary life.  The CLP provides the in-home tools, the Christian contemplative teachings and the support necessary to live and embody the contemplative dimension of the Gospel.  

Yes, it is recommended you have a Centering Prayer practice. The CLP is not an introductory workshop or training on Centering Prayer or on any of the other contemplative practices included in the program. However, if you are beginning your contemplative journey, this program could be very useful in supporting your desire to be a regular practitioner.

The CLP has several objectives. There is a definite, pervasive hunger for something meaningful in everyday life. A personal relationship with God is the only real answer. Many people do want to go deeper in their relationship with God and don't have a local faith community that supports them. Some find there is a need for more support at home or at work, in the midst of the ordinary routines of life.  If you are already a practitioner, this program provides further focus and support for your current way of living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in everyday life. The program will provide daily reminders, readings and mini-practices to support your deepening relationship with God.

Some of the booklets are translated into Spanish and French. For more information on the Spanish-language booklets, please go to the Extension Contemplativa website and inquire with one of the contacts listed.  For French-language CLP booklets, go here.

The booklets can be used both for individual, in-home use as well as in a group setting. More and more Centering Prayer groups are using the CLP as part of their group focus. In fact, the CLP, through various topics, might be the focus of a group or community for an entire year, as it has great potential to build connection, belonging and spiritual deepening in a group setting. For suggestions on how to use the CLP in a group setting, please email Pamela Begeman.


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We welcome the chance to hear from you. Please direct your questions and comments and especially your experiences with the program to CLP Info.


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Yes! Due to the generosity of large and small donors alike who have found great value in their own participation in the CLP, partial scholarships are available. To request an application, please email Pamela Begeman.