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Posted by linda rhead on July 27, 2020 at 8:22 pm #107046

Sunday, July 12: Keeping Vigil

I am being called to keep vigil by posting to these weekly meditations what God is doing in my life. I need “to hold a tenacious refusal to medicate, distract or isolate” myself from the world’s suffering as well as my own. I know these paths well from my past: to medicate and numb my fears, distract myself that nothing is wrong, withdraw and ignore.

And it is also through these reflections I can encounter other travelers and reveal the world is still beautiful. I stepped out onto my back porch this afternoon to watch an approaching thunderstorm roll in. I thanked God for the gloriously cooler breeze, for the sorely needed water, for the beauty of the storm and of its passing. Uphold each other in love – “because your love makes it so.”

Alita – surrounding you in prayer. linda<3