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Posted by Adeline Behm on March 24, 2023 at 10:31 pm #134112

I have always wondered as I gazed upon small children when suddenly something has caught their attention and they are totally lost to some inknown to me presence. It used to happened with my mother, also,  in her late 90’s. She would ask me to cut her nails. As I did this she was drawn in some private space/presence unknown to me. The image this week  spoke to me  of this place/presence, the very young are born with this sense and the very old find themselves in this space they knew so so long ago, that place B. Roberts speaks of : “Faith, the truth of God as God is in Godself, not as God in my’self- faith that comes after seeing and not before.” This presence to the very young and later once again by the very old, this presence of light was an anymous presence all along, with rare glimpses. Aftere years of consenting and through various stages of blindness this abyss of light invites until, like my mother at 102 one breath and there she was in the fullness of light/life. This week my cousin sent me a picture of Smokee, their cat, transfixed by the play of beams of light throught the window as it made little chirping  sounds of “consent”. Sending you the photo is beyond my technological self.