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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on April 10, 2023 at 12:13 pm #134332

Happy Easter everyone!
To live eternal life is to live in the now…..  … The resurrection happens in the present moment. Ilia Delhi

one of my daily intentions is to allow myself to be new to myself…The story I have been telling myself, about what happened to me that caused my “blah, blah , blah”… How these other people are so bad because they” blah, blah,  blah”.

It is time to live forward a new story , one in which I am not bad, or damaged and no one else is either. After all, when that curtain ripped on Good Friday, a new story began to write itself.

may I be present in this moment for my own emerging story and to the other, so they can let go of their old story and live in this moment , this moment , and this moment into their own resurrection story.

when I woke up this morning , my head ached,  I felt exhausted and cranky. Look where cp and lectio divina have brought me? Just for this moment, this day.

min a little while , I am going to visit an Amish woman and her daughters who are having a quilting be….

meanwhile those dishes….