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Posted by Kellbellnyc on April 28, 2023 at 7:46 pm #134704

I am so blessed by this group – thanks to all!

I must confess, though, that I struggled with – and was troubled by – the video included in this week’s reflection. Initially, I was so excited to watch it because of the title, but I could not get through it. It seemed so disconnected from the Jesus of the Gospels – our Immanuel, our ever-present Teacher who taught about the Father with such vivid, earthy, practical, tender, personal imagery – the Jesus who promises I’ll hear His voice……….how I depend on that each day! For a simple, non-philosopher soul like myself, hearing phrases like “God is nothing” is incredibly disheartening. Of course I know this was not the intention – that these words were expressed from love and a lifetime of holy experience. Still, I cannot deny the heaviness & stress in my heart when I hear a relationship with Jesus described in such esoteric, disincarnate terms. How I desperately need the Risen Christ incarnate in my life each day! Thank you for holding this sacred space where I can share my honest heart. How blessed I am each week by all of you!