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Posted by Adeline Behm on May 12, 2023 at 10:53 pm #135176

Practicing love this week, I became aware that the Holy Spirit has-been/is evacuating a lot of negative debris, my self seeking love, my hyper vigilance, my opionatedness, and such like. Forty-four years ago on a research project in England and France I  cut someone out of my life but avoiding interaction. Ten days ago she contacted me from Uganda because she is facing some health issues. I was/ am amazingly surprised that I was able to give her my full attention without the former triggers. Indeed, I was able to let go of the plans I had for that morning, and give her my full attention. This interaction will continue as she arrives here June 8 for a planned six week stay which may now be lengthened. Be kind to one another! A phrase we hear often since covid showed up in our lives. Willingness to be kind, consenting to the presence and action of the Indwelling Spirit, lots of Welcome Praying allows the Spirit to clear debris. I end humbly and gratefully and envelop all in loving kindness blessings.