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Posted by tcf2_comcast_net on July 9, 2023 at 11:30 am #136245

1.  I went down a rabbit hole listening  to bono and pulled up a bio on google.  Used to be pop stars were older than me (Elvis, John Lennon) or at least the same age (McCartney).   Ok, he’s just a little older than my son and has glaucoma and tinnitus.

2.  I rented a locker in 2019 and filled it with excess books, maybe 200’or so.  I finally paid  a guy to empty it.  He kept some.   Now I’ve bought even more books.  The place is a mess, books everywhere. Clothes I  don’t wear anymore

3.  Surrender is not a new concept.  I’ve been inAA for 30 years.  When I was young and only 55 or 60 it was easy.  I could gst in the river and swim upstream and then let the current carry me back. Literally.  I’m sure I still can do thst, but june would have a fit.

Now, nearing the end of life, it’s crunch time.   Hmmm, maybe I can hang on 10 more years?  Yeah but can june, who’s already 87?  My friend Dick at 88?

she is frightened so we don’t talk about this.

and most people here are well past all this, I’m sore.

in a way i didn’t  before, I’m finding myself resistant to readings here, anything by Keating.  Part of it comes from my household where my partner does not seem to want any of this.

for several years I was an active Benedictine oblate.  Now I can’t imagine wanting to go in the monastery