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Posted by Thomas Lloyd on August 13, 2023 at 5:27 pm #137106

Wow! We have to love today’s readings that speak so powerfully to CO followers. This is the first time I am posting. I don’t know if this is the place where I should post. However, I was so moved by today’s readings that I had to post somewhere. Of course we have to put ourselves in the scripture. I am Peter and I am Elijah, These are not stories about them but about us and how we identify, not literally but metaphorically with them and their experiences. We had the wind, fire and earthquakes with our family, friends and jobs. We have to stop to hear the whisper. I don’t do that. I need to do that.

Likewise, I boldly step out into storms in my life thinking I can walk on water. Then I start sinking. I think we all experience Peter in our daily lives. He is so human just like us. I can identify with him sinking, even after seeing and knowing that Jesus is the Son of God.  Peter certainly knew this when he stepped out of the boat. But that knowledge did not help him. He was walking on water because of faith not knowledge. He was shocked that his faith failed him despite all he knew about Jesus and all the miracles he had seen already done by Jesus. Is it any wonder that all the knowledge I have of Jesus may fail me when I need faith.

I always think faith is the elephant in the room when we spout off all the knowledge we have of Jesus Christ. That is why I think this is the most powerful reading in my life. Faith in Jesus Christ can do so much more in my life, than even knowledge or the experience of walking with Jesus

Thanks for today’s readings and meditations!

Tom Lloyd