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Posted by Thomas Lloyd on August 20, 2023 at 9:05 pm #137254

Wow, another awesome reading on the power of Faith. I love this story. We are all familiar with dogs running under the table to eat the scraps dropping accidentally or deliberately to the floor. Jesus has captured each of us in our own daily experience. We are not the masters sitting at the table as in our daily experience. Rather I am the dog looking for the scraps. All the great spiritual mentors advise us to have this humility before the presence of God in our lives. Like this pagan, we better agree with Jesus as to our status. Certainly, as a sinner, I know my status, but I also know that all my requests will be granted, perhaps not in a way I expect.

A little parable. My mother was left a widow with four kids and no money. For the 9 months my father was home dying of cancer, my mother prayed for his life. So at one point in my life I asked my mother how she felt about that unanswered prayer? My mother’s Irish faith was unshakeable. She said “Every prayer I ever prayed after that was answered.” She raised four successful children, with poverty level income, and we all graduated college with post graduate degrees. I guess all her prayers were answered. It is amazing what Faith can do!