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Posted by kaethe_p_msn_com on August 27, 2023 at 11:08 am #137325

“It’s just one breath at a time…. “ Pat Johnson picked me up at the airport in Snowmass May 2015 for a post intensive retreat. Such a model for humility and present moment practice. She had kitchen helpers by this time, but she had us all in her care throughout the retreat. Her ‘office’ for private conference was a walk in linen closet, where she felt very at home. Just to be…. Fr. Thomas would use the phrase is-ness or no-thing- ness. Simple, but certainly a life’s work. So, in the midst of the crazy heat, media alerts wanting our attention, and so many other distractions may I become a holy fool, returning to my breath practice and have gratefulness in my heart.