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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on August 27, 2023 at 8:06 pm #137330

I realized at mass that the lectio recoding I listened to went a few verses farther than the official gospel lectionary for today. Just in case there is some confusion.
Linda, I am glad your calling and  path to follow  surfaced. Always good to receive the will and the way in one fell swoop.

On the subject of foolishness. Over the last month of constant houseguests, I have entertained myself making a church out of a cardboard box and collage. It has a little Marian Shrine to accompany it, and my favorite saint, Joseph of Cupertino, is  flying over. The high point (literally) is Christ on the cross as a clown. It seems disrespectful, I suppose, but to me it is very serious and goes back countless years.

I can’t abide  a faith without joy.