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Posted by Thomas Lloyd on August 27, 2023 at 9:11 pm #137331

I feel like a holy fool with my grandchildren. We are losing them. All our 4 children were brought up Catholic, church every Sunday. I know that my children as parents tried to do the same. Yet we are losing our grandchildren to the pagan, Internet world that has taken over their lives. Now we have artificial intelligence coming. My grandchildren are not being exposed to the garden of goodness, the garden of St. Monica that saved St. Augustine. Instead they are being immersed in the pit of evil on the Internet. If Hollywood is the home of evil, then the Internet is a thousand times worse. And I use the Internet for good everyday, so I know that too. I have used artificial intelligence and I know that too. I have used Contemplative Outreach and I know that is the answer to this evil that surrounds our grandchildren. I feel like St. Monica trying to save my grandchildren from the pit of evil that is entangling them. Like St. Monica my wife and I pray and pray. We go one on one with them and play the fool but their hearts are hardened. They don’t want to go to church. They don’t want to go to a college that is Catholic. So like St.Monica we play the fool. Through Lectio Divina we can put it in God’s hands knowing the conversion of St. Augustine is possible and with Faith probable. It is not important what the world says of Jesus. It is only important what I say when Jesus asks the question of me in the silence of my time with Him.