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Posted by pbegeman on August 28, 2023 at 2:14 pm #137333

Kathleen: This gentleman wrote in with his post/reply to you instead of posting it directly.  I share if here on his behalf:

In response to Ms. Kathleen Kelly, may I humbly suggest that divine providence can put you in a situation in which you may choose to act for one in need? The opportunity to act is an invitation to do something other than observe and leave the action to God, who you might consider is not within you. But Jesus says that the realm or power of heaven is within you, and whatever you do for the least of God’s creatures, you do to Christ, in Christ’s need. One could even do some deed as little as a cup of cold water, which Sir Philip Sidney, dying on the battlefield, was offered, but he refused it, saying, “Thy need is greater than mine.” St. James in his Letter says something similar. Don’t just pray for one in need; if you can, act to help. Aquinas wrote that to love is to wish another good and see it done. As a Franciscan associate, I wish Ms. Kelly and all readers, “Peace and all good.” – George Marsh