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Posted by Thomas Lloyd on October 3, 2023 at 9:55 pm #138093

Wow! These readings are so rich? I have trouble focusing on just one, never mind one word. I guess I have to go with the sons although I am really attracted to the emptying of self so important to CO. But I have 3 sons and while we were raising them, this frequently played out. Even today the son that says yes and does little is so much more attractive than my silent son who does everything for us. He was always saying no growing up, but doing. He drove us crazy. Today, he is the one we count on when needed, but he does not want to be bothered when not needed. That to me is his saying no but showing up whenever and wherever needed. God always shows up when needed, at least that is my experience. But I never receive any indication that is going to happen, it just does. I don’t have any mystical experiences and I know there are many people that do. However, I seen God’s hand working many times in my life. Things that could not happen by chance. I am sure this is a common experience in CO. God is with us in silence and acts with secrecy in our lives. Like dreams. We don’t understand them when we write them down. But let them age and wow we see what they mean. I find it interesting that Jesus goes away alone to pray so many times. The apostles fall asleep while Jesus is praying just before His arrest. Saying yes but falling asleep. The apostles are so human and so like us, especially Peter. So I plead guilty of saying yes many times to the Lord and doing nothing. It is in centering prayer that I am most like Jesus in going away to pray. Look what it achieved in His life! This is why CO is so important. It is great that it is here on the internet available to all. Thank you!